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Elle Lee's Biography

Elle Lee is one of those Asian VR porn stars who know how to make you fall in love with them – and she's definitely going to use those skills inside of her immersive VR sex fantasies made together with the producers of VR Conk!

She's 23 years old only, but she's already managed to gather a lot of fans all around the world – and since she's not only a professional VR porn starlet but also a popular Twitch streamer, she could be the perfect "waifu" material for you! Oh, and not to mention that she loves to perform in parody VR porn movies and even cosplay VR sex fantasies – so if you can imagine her being one of your favorite Anime characters, she's definitely tried that already and you can watch her in that role in 3D VR.

She loves sex so much that she's decided to become a VR porn star and connect her personal career with her sexuality. Moreover, she told us that every time she sucks a cock she thinks it's beautiful and she considers her blowjob skills to be her "trademark" in the VR porn industry. Oh, and not to mention that she has some really cute feet, too. Any footjob lovers here? You guys are gonna become her biggest fans in no time!

What else would you like to know about her? Perhaps the fact that her favorite sexual fantasy is having to tease outdoors followed up by public sex – and if that's your own personal sex dream, too, you should just ask her to make it happen in 3D VR and she'll be more than happy to help you out with that! Bang that Korean cutie at VR Conk – she might look innocent, but she's still a true sexual demon and a kinky slut!

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