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Julia Parker was born in September 1994 in the Czech Republic. Her career as a porn star began in 2017. It represents a typical Slavic beauty – light blond hair, a beautiful deep blue look, and a fair complexion. In addition, a super hot body with small tits. It is simply a living ideal of European beauty. Her body is one hundred percent natural, although she has a navel ring. Julia can speak 3 languages ​​– Czech, German and English, which is very useful for her not only on the film set but also opened her career door. She is still a growing name in the industry, but she is getting more and more fans each and every day of her career – and we believe that with such a cute face and perfect body, she will get somewhere at some point in the development of her profile in the world of VR porn. She is very versatile and you could have seen her on VR porn movies in categories such as threesome, fetish, pissing, hardcore, lesbian, solo, bondage, and casting – and she never says "no" to a good script of a VR porn fantasy, craving for more and more sexual fantasies that she could perform to make happen. She loves having sex and that is why she has turned it into her professional life – wear your VR goggles to join her as soon as possible at VRConk.com and see whether she is really so natural or not. You can trust us on this recommendation, though, as Julia Parker is one of our favorite Czech VR porn whores – just join her already and you will see in no time that she is a bullseye in terms of a beautiful body and sexual skills out of this planet!

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