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Isn't she lovely? And who are we talking about? Kay Lovely, of course! This professional VR porn model from Dallas in Texas is only 21-years old now – and she has already managed to gather thousands of fans from all around the world!

This teen VR porn starlet is in the VR xxx business for approximately 10 months now, but since she's always known that she wanna become a porn model at some stage of her life, she's doing just great!

When we asked her about her favorite thing about sex, she said that she loves to make her partners cum, as she called herself a "pleaser" – which clearly explains how she became such a successful talent in the world of VR sex.

Her favorite type of VR porn scenes are those with Gonzo elements and a lot of massaging – as she is really sensual and she loves to touch the body of her partner (and be touched herself, too) before going to the real thing.

Would you guess her favorite sexual position? It's a missionary and a piledriver – which only confirms that she indeed is a sensual person and puts the intimacy of her sexual experiences on the very top of the list of her erotic needs.

She told us that she has always wanted to be double-teamed by her best friends – which is her favorite sexual fantasy – and when we've asked her about her "trademark" in the VR porn industry, she didn't have any problems with choosing it – she just said that she gives the best wet and sloppy blowjobs in the business!

Would you like to get one of those on your own dick? Then wear your VR Goggles and join Kay Lovely at VRConk.com – we promise you that you are going to have a blast with this busty teen VR porn model!

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