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Marilyn Sugar's Biography

Marilyn Sugar is a 20 years old super-sexy teen VR porn star from the Czech Republic – the European country that is full of always-horny girls who, just like Marilyn, just can’t wait to suck yet another cock and ride yet another dick with their filthy mouths and tight little pussies. Marilyn has some impressive and playful body art so those who love girls with tattoos and piercings will not be disappointed – and even though she might sound like a hardcore chick to you, we promise you that she is actually pretty playful and lovely and that it is easier than you may think to fall in love with her in no time. Before joining the VR porn biz, she was a stripper and a cam girl – which is understandable when you consider the fact that she loves sensual sex more than some hardcore fucking, and while performing in front of a cam she was able to give her followers all the sensuality that they could have asked for. Even though she is that small and looks so naive, she has been choking on multiple huge dicks in her career already, and her pussy has been skewered by some mandingo schlongs in the past – and she only keeps on asking for more. She told us that she became a VR porn star because she was… horny – can you believe that? Well, you do not have to, and you can just get straight to helping her out with that – grab your dick, wear your VR goggles and let her fight with her urges in the immersive world of virtual reality porn, where you will be able to fuck Marilyn just like she was there with you tonight. Watch her at VR Conk in ultra-high-definition virtual reality here and now!

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