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Nicole Kitt's Biography

Nicole Kitt is one of the hottest ebony VR porn stars in the world – and even though we'll tell you something about her in this very biography, she literally told us that "there's no phrase to describe her". But, do you know what? Damn, we're gonna try!

So what would you like to know about Nicole Kitt? Perhaps about her feelings about virtual reality porn experiences? Well, she told us that VR porn is an experience in itself, and it allows the average viewer to get as close as possible to the real thing – meaning having sex with an ebony hottie like her.

We agree with that by any means necessary, and we do think, too, that VR porn movies are really realistic and immersive – and especially those VR sex scenes with super-hot VR porn babes like Nicole! Okay, but what's so special about this ebony cutie that her VR xxx fantasies are second to none? Well, perhaps her dick-sucking skills – as she's the queen of blowjobs in VR and she indeed gives the best heads.

As soon as you're gonna wear your VR goggles and join her to let her suck your cock, you're about to witness that on your own – and, damn, these blowjobs are so juicy, sloppy, and deep, that you're gonna fall in love with them in no time!

And would you guess what's Nicole's favorite sexual fantasy? She's crazy about public sex – and she wants to bang everywhere she goes, and always with an audience. This could actually be the main reason why she's such a natural talent inside of VR xxx scenes, huh?

If you like everything we just told you about her, join her here, at VR Conk, or on her Twitch channel at @nicolekittxd – she's a gamer girl, who just loves to fuck, so you're welcome to have some fun with her in more just one meaning of that word!

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