Sage Rabbit

Sage Rabbit VR Cosplay Pornstar
Birthday: November 6
Measuraments: 32B
Height: 163
Weight: 56
Shoe Size: 8
Tatoos: Yes
Piercings: None
Country of origin: United States
Place of Birth: Texas
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Eye Color: Hazel
Hair Color: Blonde
Aka: miss Robbit
Career Status: Active

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Sage Rabbit's Biography

Sage Rabbit is a teen VR porn model from Texas with plentiful talents and one of the most beautiful bodies you've ever seen in virtual reality. If you're into cute, petite girls with stunning smiles, perky titties, tight pussies, and bodies covered with tattoos, she'll become one of your favorite performers in no time. And especially when she wears one of those sexy costumes to spice things up for your delight!

Even though she's been shooting cosplay VR porn scenes for only a few months, she's already gathered thousands of fans worldwide and proved she's a young yet talented entertainer. When we talked with her about our thoughts about 3D VR cosplay porn movies, she admitted that they require more acting – which is a good thing, though, because she always liked to give a little more of herself.

Sage is a bisexual skinny VR porn star – which means she equally likes starring with handsome guys and beautiful girls – who has the most fun when creating content with both genders simultaneously in kinky threesomes. Moreover, she's always been an open-minded girl who loves to bang, so becoming a professional cosplay VR porn actress was only a matter of time for her. After all, if you can make a lot of money when doing the thing that gives you so much joy… Why wouldn't you do that?

We were more than happy to invite her to VR Conk – and since she's become one of the always-horny pornmodels from our premium service, you can spend as much time with her as you desire. You only have to prepare your VR goggles and cock for the next hardcore session with this petite sexual demon, and she'll be waiting for you with her tight little pussy and endless cravings. Wearing one of those slutty cosplay costumes on her perfect body, it is.