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Even though you know that we, at, are premium VR xxx movie producers – and we work with only the best of the best professional VR porn stars – some of our starlets indeed look like amateurs. Theodora Day is one of those vixens, and you're gonna love her as soon as you'll discover her inside of our immersive ultra-high definition!


This VR porn baby (also known as "TD" or just "Theo") is in the professional VR sex industry for less than half a year only, but she's already managed to gather a whole lot of fans from all around the world. Moreover, even though she's just joined this world, in her past she used to be a roller skating teacher – so she's sporty and flexible, which helped her with her adult career.


She loves scenes with multiple girls and she's bisexual – but she told us that when she's one of the babes in the group VR porn scene, she likes it the most when she's the only one who's fucking. We get that and we understand her craving to be in the center of attention – after all, she's so cute and beautiful that it's no wonder that she wants all eyes on her!


Theodora Day's favorite sexual positions are Doggy and 69, and she "specializes" in anal and petting – so you can expect to get a little bit "dirty" when banging with her. She just loves taking control over even the most hardcore fucking session, so as long as you can follow her pace, you're gonna love her!


One last thing. Theodora asked us to add one more sentence to her biography at She told us that she wants you to call her "Theodora, the Queen" – are you going to kneel in front of her and eat her wet pussy inside of our virtual reality? She's waiting for you already!

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