Take Me To The Hospital - VR Porn Video, Starring Kayley Gunner VR

Take Me To The Hospital

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Nobody associates a stay in hospital with anything pleasant. Sometimes these are only routine tests but sometimes these are quite serious situations. As a rule, medical workers should try to make their patients' time in hospitals pleasant. Perform the tests in such a way as to be as unpleasant as possible, devote as much time as necessary to the reliable results. Unfortunately, the reality is often quite different, so no one likes to be in hospitals, and they don't remember their stays well. That's why in our newest costume VR porn movie called Take Me To The Hospital, we and the sexy busty nurse Kaylee Gunner will do everything we can to make your hospital stay the best you will ever remember. First of all – look at her. Sexy VR porn blonde in a skimpy nurse fancy dress with a curvy, perfect body in red lingerie under her medical uniform. The mere sight of Kaylee can make the day more enjoyable. But wait, Kaylee is your personal nurse and her job is to make sure you feel comfortable. She is not a person who works according to established patterns. Well, it has its pluses. Namely, your medications require physical exertion to work better. Under normal circumstances, you would probably be chased on a treadmill, exercise bike, or some other form of exercise that is more or less enjoyable. On the other hand, Kaylee likes to experiment and today she wants to test her original idea for physical exercise on you – including giving you a really sloppy blowjob in VR. She actually had that idea just now, thanks to you and your big erection this morning. You don't mind and would be happy to take part in the test, right? Sit tight in your favorite chair with your VR headset on and let nurse Gunner begin the examination of your huge dick!

Duration: 43 min
Release date: Feb 2, 2021