Dating in Virtual Reality

calendar_today February 28, 2022
Dating in Virtual Reality

I will probably surprise you, but VR dates are actually possible. So far in the form of a VR chat game, although you are talking to real people. However, characters do not reflect the player's real appearance. Nor can you be sure who is actually on the other side. The player can take any form, can be a human, an animal, a sweet anime girl, etc. It is not perfect yet, but we already have a foretaste of what may be ahead of us in the VR porn future.

It is known that the best option would be if we could move to the virtual world as our person, of course, with the option of any upgrade of our appearance, outfit, etc. That it would be possible to choose a land where we meet with another person. That it actually reflects the real environment as much as possible. However, are virtual dates a danger? If you meet someone in real life, then you can be sure of your secrets, I mean, that no one is recording you. You can also be sure that the person you are seeing is the person he or she claims to be. In the virtual reality dating world, this is not so obvious. For now, VR is limited to video and audio-only.

Aromatic sensations are slowly being introduced. But the most important thing is still missing – physical sensations. So, if the dates go well, it will probably happen in real life anyway. Then disappointment may occur. Or on the other hand – what drives us to prefer online dating? Probably shyness. Someone who has been playing macho online can be a completely shy person in real life.

And in your opinion, watching a porn movie in VR is a date with a porn star? It ends with sex and the script is predetermined. But there are plenty of movies, and actresses too. That's why you have a lot to choose from. And the plus is that you do not have to try because the chick actually got a crush on you from the beginning. The downside, however, is that you can't actually do anything and you have to give in to everything she does to you.

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