Enjoy the Quality of the Screen, Sound, and Memorable Moments in the VR Cam Chat

calendar_today May 09, 2022
Enjoy the Quality of the Screen, Sound, and Memorable Moments in the VR Cam Chat

You’ve definitely heard of VR webcam – this is immersive entertainment that brings some to orgasm and scares others. Indeed, virtual reality technology has not only entertainment functions. Now such methods are being actively introduced into therapeutic practices as a means of combating phobias. On the one hand, VR is seen as an addiction trigger. Unfortunately, education, medicine, and psychology are still lagging behind the adult VR industry in this regard. According to PornHub statistics, in 2017, half a million people watched VR videos daily. And in 2018, users most often searched for adult content when they googled “virtual reality.”

VR webcamming: distinctive features

In fact, VR webcams not only advance the technology itself but also shake the foundations of the adult industry. In a typical adult chat, the member sees breasts, buttocks, and vulva separately. Due to the complexity of shooting, more views and emotions of a model are shown in VR chats. For example, men can see themselves “having sex” with an actress in a missionary position, but the camera is tilted in the way that if you look down, it stops just below her waist. So, in VR, there is a focus on reactions rather than genitals.

Even though the main group of users is heterosexual men, modern technology has allowed the patriarchal industry to take another step toward women. Again, due to the specifics of filming, the viewer, who sees only part of “his” body, is most often in a passive position, while the actress takes everything into her own hands. The result is the increasing role of webcam models in the process and their empowerment.

The viewer is no longer limited by the screen of a laptop or smartphone, he is inside the scene, which stimulates empathy. Consequently, members perceive models as active partners in fantasy.

How to implement your fantasies with VR?

VR camming 18+ can help you safely implement your fantasies and embrace your sexuality. Adult VR webcamming allows couples to safely resolve relationship jealousy and try something new. Putting on headsets together with a partner is psychologically much easier than going to a swing club, but the emotions are the same, if not brighter. The director of erotic films, Erica Last, says the same:

You can explore what it's like to be in a BDSM relationship before trying that scenario in real life. Or, for example, you are interested in some kind of sexual practice, but you are not 100% sure. In these cases, the modern technology will really be useful.”

One of the clear advantages of a VR webcam is the opportunity to play very real stories in a safe and intimate environment. A person sees only a picture that is no longer available to anyone. He does not need to be ashamed of his reactions as he remains anonymous. Ela Darling, VR cam model comments:

“You are completely immersed in this world and do not feel that there is someone nearby who can stare or judge you.”

VR helps to remove the limits and overcome sexual fears, explore your own libido at a calm pace, in a safe space, with the opportunity to stop at any moment. One of such fears may be the fear of the first intimacy. VR webcamming 18+ is much more visual and softer than most of the adult content found on the internet. And it helps to prepare psychologically for such an important event in a person’s life as the first sex.

The healing effect of a VR webcam

Aya Sarbassova, the founder of the SoulViewer project, talked about another way to use a webcam. Once, a 70-year-old man came to the VR club, where she works. He asked if they had porn and erotic games. It turned out that for his prostate adenoma not to progress, the sexologist recommended him to ejaculate more and told him about special VR clubs with closed cabins, where a person is put on a headset, given napkins, and could relax. Fortunately, you don’t have to go anywhere today if you have a stable internet connection and a VR headset at home.

Indeed, VR webcamming can help users overcome certain physical barriers, but it does not solve deep psychological problems. This activity will most likely replace standard porn. As for the therapeutic effect, any tool works effectively only in the hands of someone who knows how to use it.

How to choose the best VR glasses?

To get a top-quality picture, you need to purchase decent VR glasses. Many people get lost in the process of choosing a VR headset or mistakenly think that to enjoy the session, they will have to buy extremely expensive equipment. Before buying, people are faced with two different device names – headsets and glasses. As a result of this confusion, the choice of the buyer becomes even more difficult.

Glasses are the younger brothers of headsets: they connect more easily, cost less, and have modest functionality. Usually, glasses are connected to smartphones instead of a computer, displaying the broadcast image on the monitor. Since glasses are the easiest way to immerse yourself in VR, you should not expect high quality. The quality of the picture depends on the phone model. Most often, glasses are used to watch movies, but they are not in demand as a gaming accessory.

A virtual reality headset is an improved version of glasses in all respects. Headsets are much more expensive, but such a price is justified: here is the reaction to movements, and full immersion with maximum picture quality. Headsets are typically purchased by platform members. Choose the option suitable for you and enjoy the unforgettable webcam sessions!

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