Which is More Important for the Development of VR Technology – Games or Porn?

calendar_today September 05, 2022
Which is More Important for the Development of VR Technology – Games or Porn?

When someone talks about virtual reality, what comes to your mind first? The two leading categories in the VR industry are undoubtedly porn and games – and even though, we, at VR Conk, take care of virtual reality xxx games only, we certainly do pay attention to VR games, too. Why is that? Well, there are many factors – but the most important one of them is the fact that they're both related to VR entertainment, and they concern the same audiences. Both categories are a form of having fun for people of different ages and sexes. Certainly, every man, at least once in his life, has tried the virtual world – for example, games, movies, porn, etc. – so, you must understand how important all of those can get when it comes to the development of modern technologies within this very sector.

The VR game industry is doing very well. It can be safely said that horror games are extremely popular, but not only because of logic VR games and arcade games. Also in the gaming industry, both categories (porn and gaming) are mixed, because VR games for adults are also created – and they're really close to our own interactive VR xxx experiences. Both of those are a mix of porn, with the possibility of interaction, which makes them so much fun – while most porn videos do not contain this interaction, and they make the user to give in to the vision written in the script.

The VR porn industry is also booming. New studios are constantly being created, there are increasingly VR porn movies, and their quality is getting better. And not only with the participation of people, but also in an animated version. Studios producing films for fetishists are getting more and more popular, they arouse people's curiosity. But also in the porn industry, the gaming industry is intertwined, because studios are very eager to produce cosplay porn movies. They are not only movie and fairy tale cosplays, but also game characters.

So, which is more important for VR technology? In fact, it's difficult to say it clearly. Both categories have an exceptionally significant impact on the development of VR technology. It is known that the gaming industry can reach younger users, while porn is only for adults. However, it is the gaming industry that gives more possibilities to the user and more sensations – allowing him/her to interact and experience more emotions. Even more so in the case of adult games, where the player can direct the game according to his vision. It's still better than watching porn, which is entertainment, but there is nothing to hide, it serves to satisfy sexual needs.

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