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Antonia Sainz was born in December 1992 in Stredocesky Kraj in the Czech Republic. Before becoming a pornstar in 2015, she was a prima ballerina and worked as an independent financial adviser. When she finished school and was looking for a job, she came across a modeling agency and was accepted after the casting. Her career quickly became blunt and allowed her to perform not only in European but also American xxx productions – and since she is a versatile performer, it is no wonder that she has managed to find a place in many different VR porn fantasies and portfolios of all different types of professional producers like VR Conk. In 2015 she was named "Miss Erotica 2015", she was a finalist of "Czech Beauty 2015" and also "Netstar" at the 2016 Venus Berlin Awards. She has a lot of movies on her account, but you will not find her as Antonia Sainz in all the movies. She also has several aliases: Honey B, Betty, Antonia Sainz, Antonia, Antonia S., Ursula S., Naomi, Natalie, Katerina, Nicole Smile. Has a natural athletic skinny body, without tattoos and piercings or plastic surgery. She looks innocent, but as she says, "I love performing and provocation." Wear your VR headset to spend hot one-on-one with her alone or watch her playing with her pussy alone or with other wonderful babes – we are more than sure that no matter which VR porn scene of Antonia's you are going to choose for tonight, you are going to be more than happy with your choice. As soon as you will get to watch her in her VR porn scenes, something tells us that you will fall in love with this European slut – wear your VR goggles to have some fun with Antonia here and now in the ultra-high-definition virtual reality of VR Conk!

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