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Katie Kush's Biography

Katie Kush (or so-called Katie Drips Kush) is a flexible VR porn chick who looks just amazing in hot fishnets – and she can definitely play pretty much any role that will come to your mind on behalf of our outfit VR porn fantasies or cosplay VR sex movies. She is wearing glasses daily and she is not scared to use them when she is working – which means that she naturally looks like one of those hot secretaries or always-horny students that require a solid punishment from their teachers with huge cocks. You can of course cum on her glasses and she will not mind that – and if you have ever had a cosplay fantasy with a girl from a TV show, anime, cartoon, or a Hollywood movie, who was wearing glasses, Katie will definitely be a perfect pick to make that dream come (and cum) true inside of the immersive virtual reality porn environment. She loves to have fun during her performances and she is not scared to try many different new things in sex – so feel free to share your kinks with her, and she will be most likely really happy to give you everything you want with both her filthy mouth and that tight little pussy. Oh, and even though you might consider her having one of those "bitch faces", she actually is an obedient slut and she will be waiting for your orders inside of her VR porn scenes – so make sure to dominate her really, really hard, when telling her what you want from her here and now. Wear your VR goggles to fuck Katie Kush as soon as possible at VR Conk – now in up to 8K ultra-high-definition that will make you believe that sex with her is actually real!

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