VR Conk's Girl of the Month: Laney Grey

calendar_today March 27, 2023
VR Conk's Girl of the Month: Laney Grey

A little over a year ago we published our first post in VR Conk's Girl of the Month series with Kyler Quinn, and although at the time we planned to release such articles regularly, many other things got in our way and somehow it worked out that we walked away from this initiative. Now that some time has passed and the situation on our site has calmed down a bit, we have decided to return to this idea and – starting with this month, April 2023 – publish monthly articles in this series to write you a bit more about the actress who seemed to appeal to you the most that given month. This time it's gonna be Laney Grey – one of the most talented professional VR porn stars of the younger generation, who you fell in love with as soon as she showed up to you in her school uniform in our latest scene.

A Few Words About Laney Grey

On the surface, Laney Grey may look like an innocent girl next door with no kinky thoughts swirling around in her head yet – but in fact, she is one of the kinkiest teen VR porn stars in the world, and we're sure she would surprise many of you with her skills. Laney has natural breasts of medium size, her body is not adorned with any tattoos, and you might have noticed a certain tiny earring in her navel, which she has worn there for many years – in other words, at first glance she is indeed an ordinary, innocent girl, who could hardly be suspected of a professional career in the porn industry.

VR Conk's Girl of the Month: Laney Grey 1

The truth is, however, that this is just a facade. Laney is open about the fact that sex has always been a vital element in her life – and we know from talking to her that she joined the VR porn industry mainly for this reason, and is professionally fulfilled while being able to satisfy her innermost sexual fantasies in front of a virtual reality xxx camera. It's probably this combination of innocence and deep-seated kinkiness that made you like her so much – and that her April scene was the most popular production on our site that month.

Laney Grey at VR Conk

The VR porn video that got Laney featured in this article is our latest VR sex parody in the Harry Potter universe – Hogwarts Legacy (A XXX Parody). If you're reading this article, and by some miracle, you haven't watched this cosplay VR xxx video yet, you can do so by clicking the button right below this blog entry.

VR Conk's Girl of the Month: Laney Grey 2

The virtual reality porn fantasy at Hogwarts wasn't this pretty girl's debut at VR Conk, however – you could previously watch her as a sexy genie in the Sweet Genie VR sex movie. Even then, we noticed that you liked her – which was one of the many reasons why we invited her to collaborate with us again – but at that time (as mentioned above) we didn't publish similar posts on our blog, so we couldn't highlight her then as we do today. However, as you well know, "what goes around comes around" – and we're extremely happy to have hosted her again on our premium VR porn website, and we hope it wasn't our last time together!

See you next month for the next blog post in this series – and remember, it's up to you to decide who we feature this time, so like you, we can't wait to see who it will be this time!