Will Prostitution Suffer from Sex in Virtual Reality?

calendar_today July 11, 2022
Will Prostitution Suffer From Sex in Virtual Reality?

We reach for VR porn movies for the same reason we use prostitutes – to satisfy our desires. Both VR porn and a prostitute provide sexual impressions and a lot of pleasure. Usually, prostitutes have a whole range of services, sometimes they even meet the innermost fantasies or fetishes – but you can also find a lot of interesting scenarios in VR porn. The services of prostitutes, as well as VR porn, are used by people of all ages, different sexes, marriages, and singles. The difference is certainly in the way you achieve pleasure – it is known that a prostitute will do it in a completely different way, and for VR porn you have to do it by yourself.

Another difference is definitely the price, each prostitute has a different price list, and it also depends on what you want. Another difference is that VR porn is definitely more secure than when using prostitute services. So, can the development of VR porn make prostitution less popular and go into oblivion? We think that for now, prostitutes can rest easy and not be afraid of their clients. VR technology is not able yet to replace real contact with a real woman. It only allows you to move to the virtual reality world on a date with a porn star, during which you have to jerk off.

However, this does not exclude the fact that in the distant future, if virtual reality becomes popular, it will also replace prostitutes. Because VR porn is definitely more convenient. If it is popular enough to enter everyday life, we will have access to VR porn movies anywhere, anytime. The price will also be more favorable than that offered by prostitutes. What's more, VR porn will definitely be safer because you will be able to stay at home and not invite any strangers. Nobody fools you either. And moreover, if you are not single, watching VR porn movies is not cheating.

We are pretty sure that you could think of many other differences (and similarities), but still, the conclusion will be the same… at least for now. Or maybe you think about it all a little bit differently? Maybe you disagree with us? You know that we write those blogs to inspire and we always want to hear the opinions of our fans and members, right? So… what do you think about that? Perhaps you believe that prostitution is slowly but surely dying to inventions like VR porn? Only time will answer this question…

In the meantime, though, we invite you to join us on VR Conk's main page! We keep on adding a whole lot of many different VR porn movies to it – so you should always find something interesting waiting for you out there. Perhaps all those VR sex scenes are not going to stop you from going to a prostitute… but who knows? After all, our VR xxx experiences are only getting more and more immersive and realistic – and we keep on making them in all the different niches to make sure that you'll always be satisfied with us!